A Few Tips for Songwriters

Songwriting can be a tough profession at times - here are some tip to give you some guidance:
1. Always make sure you have some way of writing your ideas down, your phone, iPad, notebook because ideas come to you at the strangest times.

2. Listen to as much music as you can, especially listen to the standard classics as these are good for learning the structure of songs. They are classics because there is something about them a large amount of the population like. Think about what makes you like the song and try to create the same type of feeling in your songs. It is important to evoke some kind of emotion with your writing.

3. A good way of learning song structures is to write a new lyric and melody to an existing backing track of your favourite songs.

4. Listen to the arrangement of these tracks as well so you can get a feel for where the drums need to crescendo and the strings need to come in - the more you listen the more you will learn.

5. Be adventurous, try different arrangements with your songs - try adding chord progressions if your songs tend to only have 3 or 4 chords and also try and simplify if you find things are getting too complicated.

6. The Hook - you always need a great hook - so try and find something catchy and memorable.

7. Some writers have a limited musical knowledge and therefore write songs in just one key, you can usually sort this out by transposing your song into different keys - see where it works best.

8. Don't try to be a perfectionist. Write as much as you can and you will improve as time goes by. Experiment and be creative, you will know when something feels right.

9. Find people who will give you HONEST criticism. You will not learn from people telling you that your songs are fantastic if they are not !!

10. Remember that most things have been written about before, so try and find something different to say or a different way to say it.

Happy Songwriting…………………..

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